I use that hashtag for every Instagram post. I'm the only one who does, so it's mine now I guess. you've Likely arrived here because you've somehow, by random chance or introduction, listened to my music. I've never blogged before, but it seems like something I'd enjoy and if I am to blog then I need to create an introductory post according to the book of blog. So here it is...

I'm a person. The genuine article. Nothing more, nothing less. It's all we can be really. I haven't been able to grasp this until recently. Even from a musical standpoint, I took a journey of discovery and I finally feel like I've arrived at this place in songwriting that feels like me. I am coming ever closer to my true identity. This state I have arrived at only occurred when I let go any thoughts or cares of success. As musicians we are obsessed with growth, at least that's been my experience; something to justify the investment, something tangible, to witness gain. But with that comes sacrifice in the form of conformity. And can we still call it art when it is a copy? A rhetorical question of course, but something I've wrestled with these past few years.

We are releasing an LP - 7 songs. The cover art is black. Stylistically it represents the indie pop side of my writing. I am beyond excited to release it because it is risky with elements of motown, 80s pop, and Appalachian folk at times, somehow it all comes together. However, as we came to the last few tracks something had occurred to me. I didn't feel balanced. I began to write, but not indie pop. It was this mish-mash of folk, jazz and indie. We are making a black cover for indie pop, so why not make a white album of indie folk?  I thought to myself. Much in the same way Kaleo recorded A/B, embracing two genres. I can't choose so why try? A rhetorical question of course. 

I don't want to be one of those people that says "my point is", but my point is this...

If I had chosen to cling to the idea that music follows success, it wouldn't have been sustainable. I would have felt imbalanced and increasingly unhappy. I would never have likely written the white LP. I would have begun to burn out because I'd still be obsessed with stats and growth, distracted from the thing that fed my soul in the first place. simply writing songs for no other purpose than writing them. THe way i see the two records are both me. one is me in a suit and the other is me in a tee shirt and jeans. And if you really want to know me, talk to the guy in the tee shirt and jeans.